Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Language : ENG
Size : 791MB
Release Date : August 15, 2000

Download :
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
Part 4 -
Patch -

Step to install patch to lower the firmware requirement for this game.
1. Extract the archive into the same folder as the EBOOT.PBP
2. Right-click 'xdeltaUI.exe' and choose 'Run as administrator'.
3. Click on the 'Apply Patch' tab in the xdeltaUI window.
4. Click on the 'Open...' button next to 'Patch:' and select 'ChronoCross.xdelta.' Click' Open'.
5. Click on the 'Open...' button next to 'Source File:' and select your EBOOT.PBP file. Click 'Open'.
6. Click the '...' button next to 'Output File:', type 'patchedEBOOT.PBP' in the text box. Click 'Save'.
7. Click the 'Patch' button at the bottom middle of the xdeltaUI window and wait until the patch finishes.
8. Rename 'patchedEBOOT.PBP' to 'EBOOT.PBP' and copy back to you PSP's memstick at /PSP/GAME/SLUS1041

According to several accounts in my thread for this game, using 6.60 POPSLoader seems to help this game to run properly on lower CFWs after using this patch.


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